Luna Studio


Luna Studio is a recordig studio located in Kyiv, Ukraine, founded by the musician Anton Semenenko, providing services of high-quality mixing and mastering, reamping, sound design and correction, recording of session instruments etc.


Luna (doom metal from Ukraine), Setoml (melodic black metal from Ukraine), Legio Sergia (melodic death metal from Germany), Imperfect World (cinematic metal from Ukraine), I Miss My Death (symphonic metal from Ukraine), Dance of Shadows (symphonic black metal from Germany).


Works of Anton/Luna Studio have been positively reviewed and evaluated by numerous reviewers and zines worldwide, such as: The Pit of the Damned, Orthodox Black Metal, Broken Tomb Magazine, Dargedik, Northfromnorthern, Apocalypse Later Music, Music Score, Occult Black Metal Zine, Fermforgacs, Kvlt and others


Examples of work


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